we make authentic wedding cinema.


For us, cinema is a specificity of vision, the polar opposite of generic and arbitrary. We strive to create something that is unique as a signature or fingerprint, something that would not exist in its form if it was not us who made it.
Reducing one of your most special day of your life to a recorded ceremony or some cheesy sentimental piano music video would never do your experience justice. We approach every wedding with a distinct sensibility, but we also try to get to the essence of your emotions & experience with the aid of the visual medium.
A visual story that encapsulates your experience with a specificity of vision just might achieve the incomprehensible, which we always strive for – you experiencing your experience of that day in a new light, ingraining your memories even deeper in a way that resonates with you even more.
We do not want to make a cheesy, cringeworthy, and pretentious video that you are going to turn off as soon as you play it 5 years later. Authenticity means the world to us, and it is also our job as visual aritsts/journalists to help you get in touch with a feeling that even you might not have been aware of on your special day.
Merely recording and editing your wedding is not enough for us. We offer you the best of our creativity and sensibilities and never settle for anything mediocre or generic.
We believe in beauty, but only in one that is unique to every individual. A cookie-cutter standard of beauty for brides is something that we simply do not embrace.

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your wedding deserves our authentic touch.


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